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Request for Proposal for E-911 Statutory Services Provider

The Sumner County E911, is accepting proposals for an independent contractor to provide E-911 Statutory Services to oversee the statutory services and duties of Sumner County E-911.


Email proposals in response to the request must be sent to, on or before the deadline of Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. (local time).


Walk-ins or telephone calls will not be accepted about the proposals.  Email any questions to the address above.  Timely emailed questions (those received before, Monday, April 16, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. (local time) will be answered and posted online at the above site and location. 




          The CONTRACTOR shall be required to provide the following services:


                   A.  All information gathering and verification for the Enhanced 9-1-1 (“E911”) system operation for Sumner County, including but not limited to, all mapping, address, assignment, address verification, street designations, numbering, and assistance to the service suppliers for the E911 system for Sumner County; and


                   B.  Ensure twenty-four (24) hour on-call services for all needs of the E911 service, its equipment and equipment users, and the ECC E911 related services, it’s equipment and equipment users; and


                   C.  Have office hours during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Provide secretarial assistance for the DISTRICT during the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as well as any other hours needed in support of the E911 system.  Hours worked shall be during the regular business day office hours, and shall include taking minutes for meetings, phone answering and public relations UNLESS NECESSARY FOR EMERGENCY MATTERS OR TO MEET NECESSARY VENDORS; and


                   D.  Will observe the same holidays and vacation leave as County but have all equipment operational; and


                   E. Shall furnish equipment, supplies, facilities, and personnel for the E911 home office; and


                   F.  Shall provide all public relations services for the E911 system; and


                   G.  Shall attend all regularly scheduled and special meetings of the E911 DISTRICT; and


                   H.  Shall attend E911 conventions and classes at the expense of the DISTRICT; and


                   I.  Shall attend all meetings with the Communications Executive Board in the ECC facility; and


                   J.  Shall attend all meetings with the Communications Director and the Emergency Communications Board.


          2.  The Contract shall begin July 1, 2018 subject to the right of either party hereto to terminate this agreement at any time, with or without cause, upon giving thirty (30) days prior notice.


          3.  CONTRACTOR shall have no authority to obligate or incur liability or indebtedness in the name of the DISTRICT for any purchases, lease contracts or debts of any kind, without first having the prior written approval of the DISTRICT.


          4.  All information, maps data and material developed and prepared by the CONTRACTOR in any format, shall become the sole property of the DISTRICT.  CONTRACTOR shall not in any manner copy or release any E911 information to any person, firm or entity, except to the service suppliers for the E911 system in Sumner County.


          5.  CONTRACTOR shall hold harmless the DISTRICT from any and all claims or demands, including costs, expenses and attorney’s fees incurred by DISTRICT arising from any claims or demands for injury or damage arising out of CONTRACTOR’S performance of this agreement. 


CONTRACTOR shall obtain professional liability insurance coverage, workers compensation coverage as well as any other coverage necessary for the operation of the agreement (from a company approved by DISTRICT), in an amount not less than $1,000,000.00 per person, $3,000,000.00 per event, which fully insures Sumner County and DISTRICT from performance of CONTRACTOR.


          6.  CONTRACTOR in addition to all other damages and remedies available to DISTRICT, CONTRACTOR shall be liable for to DISTRICT for reasonable attorney’s fees incurred as a result of such action by CONTRACTOR.


          7.    CONTRACTOR shall not assign this agreement to any person, firm, or entity.




9. CONTRACTOR must live or relocate to Sumner County by the start of the contract term.


10. CONTRACTOR must have Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) Security Certification, National Emergency Number Association/Emergency Number Professional Certificate, Center Management Certification Program Certificate, or be eligible to become certified by the start of the contract. Have a minimum five (5) years experience with ESRI mapping relating to E911 preferred.




By submitting a proposal, the applicant represents that they have (1) thoroughly examined and become familiar with the scope of services outlined in this RFP and (2) are capable of performing quality work to achieve the objectives outlined in this RFP. The following information MUST accompany each proposal:


  1. Describe previous experience (with a minimum of three years supervisory previous experience) in Emergency 911, public safety, and/or emergency services, providing references.


  1. Describe experience with PSAP administration, telecommunications systems (experience with TriTech technology is preferable), mapping, and addressing.


  1. List all applicable certifications.


  1. List of at least three references where you provided similar services. Please provide names and telephone numbers of contact persons for each reference.


  1. Listing of current litigation, outstanding judgments, and liens.


  1. The Proposal must include the legal name of the CONTRACTOR and must be signed by a person or persons
legally authorized to bind the CONTRACTOR to a contract.


  1. Sumner County requires that proposals be submitted as one (1) marked original and one (1) exact copy.


  1. Evidence of or ability to obtain a valid State of Tennessee Business License and/or
Sumner County Business License; and evidence of compliance with the Sumner County Government’s Insurance Requirements, and, a completed Internal Revenue Service Form W-9.


  1. CONTRACTOR may also be required to submit to a background check.




Sumner County reserves the right to use all pertinent information (including that learned from sources other than disclosed in the RFP process) that might affect the County’s judgment as to the appropriateness of a qualified applicant. This information may be appended to the evaluation process results. Sumner County reserves the right to conduct written and/or oral discussions/interviews after the submittals have been reviewed. The purpose of such discussions/interviews is to provide clarification and/or additional information, which is in the best interest of Sumner County. Sumner County will evaluate the submitted proposals and make a determination of the successful respondent.




Respondents to this RFP shall hold their submittal firm and subject to acceptance by Sumner County for a period of ninety (90) business days from the date of the Proposal closing.




The County reserves the right to request additional information if necessary, or to request an interview with respondents, or to reject any and all Proposals with or without cause, and, in its sole discretion, waive any irregularities or informalities, such as minor elements of non-compliance with regard to the requirements of this RFP, in the Proposals submitted. The County further reserves the right to make such investigations as it deems necessary as to the qualifications of any and all respondents submitting Proposals. In the event that all Proposals are rejected, the County reserves the right to re-solicit Proposals. Every effort shall be afforded to assure fair and equal treatment with respect to the opportunity for discussion and/or revision of their respective proposals. Revisions may be permitted after the submission and prior to the award for the purpose of obtaining the best offers.




After Proposals are accepted, all Proposals will be subject to the Tennessee Open Records Act, and the Proposals will be available to the public upon written request. Summary information on Proposals submitted will be posted on the Sumner County Government website at under the “Bids” link.




Sumner County does not discriminate towards any individual or business on the basis of race, sex, color, age, religion, national origin, disability, or veteran status. The successful respondent agrees that they shall comply with all local, state, and federal law, statutes, and regulations including, but not limited to, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.




Any contract will be interpreted under the laws and statutes of the state of Tennessee. Sumner County does not enter into contracts which provide for mediation or arbitration. Any action arising from any contract made from this Proposal shall be brought in the state courts in Sumner County, Tennessee or in the United States Federal District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee.






In the event that any claims should arise with regards to any contract related to this RFP for a violation of any such local, state, or federal law, statues, rules, or regulations, the provider will indemnify and hold Sumner County harmless for any damages, including court costs or attorney fees, which might be incurred. CONTRACTOR in addition to all other damages and remedies available to DISTRICT, CONTRACTOR shall be liable for to DISTRICT for reasonable attorney’s fees incurred as a result of such action by CONTRACTOR.




Sumner County may, at any time, nullify the agreement if, in the judgment of Sumner County, the CONTRACTOR has failed to comply with the terms of the agreement. In the event of nullification, any payment due in arrears will be made to the CONTRACTOR, but no further sums shall be owed to the CONTRACTOR.




Requests for additional information related to this RFP can be e-mailed to pursuant to the terms of this RFP as set forth in the introduction paragraph.


All responses to inquiries will be posted on the Sumner County website ( under the “Bids” link. Any inquiries received will not be answered individually, but posted for all interested applicants.



Director of Planning & Stormwater

Sumner County, Tennessee, located within the greater Nashville area and situated along Old Hickory Lake, offers diverse cultural opportunities and an array of nearby recreational activities. The high quality of life and affordable cost of living makes Sumner County one of the more attractive counties to live in Tennessee. Rapid growth in the region poses a number of growth-related challenges and opportunities, so the county is seeking a dynamic individual as the County Planner to oversee planning activities for the unincorporated, mostly rural county.

Work responsibilities will include, but may not be limited to:

• Implements the adopted 2035 Comprehensive Plan that outlines the County’s priorities involving land use, transportation, and sustainability.

• Works with the Sumner County Regional Planning Commission and County Commission to update the Sumner County Zoning Resolution and Subdivision Regulations to reflect the 2035 Comprehensive Plan and newly adopted Stormwater Resolution.

• Oversees the MS4 Stormwater personnel. Complete stormwater inspections if necessary.

• Reviews site plans and subdivision plats for adherence to County regulations.

• Uses professional knowledge and skills in developing and carrying out planning activities.

• Monitors, collects, maintains, and presents data on various aspects of local planning issues using a variety of computer software including databases, spreadsheets, geographic information systems, and graphics software.

• Coordinates County planning activities with regional stakeholders involving transportation, mass transit, sustainability, and other regional quality of life initiatives.

• Coordinates County planning activities with the eight municipalities in the County.

• Answers and responds to questions from County staff, the general public, other government employees, elected officials, committee members, and others regarding County planning and zoning activities.

• Assists with the planning and development of a County greenway system and County parks including related grant development.

• Carries out any additional work as necessary to complete required activities


The ideal candidate will possess strong oral and written communication skills and is able to communicate to a wide variety of stakeholders.

• Work activities vary daily requiring flexibility and motivation.

• A master's degree in planning or related field and two years of experience in community or transportation planning or a bachelor's degree in planning or related field and four years of experience in community or transportation planning is required.

• Experience with spreadsheet, database, and GIS software is required.

• AICP certification is preferred.

Submit letter of interest and resume to:

(Posted 2-23-18 to 3-9-18)