Chris Stapleton video featured Sumner EMS workers

Singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton called on the TriStar Portland ER and Sumner County EMS to help draw attention to a culture of mental health awareness for the video for his recently released song "Fire Away."

The video captures a couple’s journey through changing mental health stages. Ultimately, the wife commits an act of self-harm that required the aid of emergency medical workers.

“TriStar Portland ER is proud to have played a small part in Chris Stapleton’s message in bringing awareness to this important health topic in our community and across the country,” said Melony Scott, emergency services director at TriStar Portland ER and TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center, said in a news release.

“We hope this video expands an important conversation and leads individuals to resources that can help prevent a tragic outcome as portrayed in the video," Scott said. "We are thankful to be involved in conveying such a powerful message."

The Grammy winner's production team wanted the video to be as authentic as possible, the release said. During the filming process, producers collaborated with Colby Carroll, manager of TriStar Portland ER, and Sumner County EMS workers for guidance on what would happen during a real-life call.





In the scene, Ben Foster, who portrayed the husband in the video, is seen with his deceased wife for the last time, the release said. Foster thanked the TriStar Portland ER staff and Sumner County EMS first responders for the difference they make in the community. Foster said what emergency workers do on a daily basis is “much harder than his job of portraying it in film.”

Article Courtesy of:Hendersonville Star News10:40 a.m. CDT April 4, 2016