Notice to Property Owners

Property in our County must be assessed at four, five or six year intervals. The Tax Assessor, John Isbell, has sent out the reappraisal cards with your homes new assessed value based on the appraisal schedule. In 2009, the Tax Assessor, John Isbell, increased home values overall by 11%, in 2014 he decreased overall values by 3%. Now in 2019, he has stated that he will increase property values by 35-50%.

The current reappraisal process is now questionable because of the extremely high reappraisal rate he is proposing and the extreme swings in value over the last reappraisal he performed. Many upset citizens will rightfully appeal these massive property evaluations. Mr. Isbell has stated he will base the certified tax rate (revenue neutral) on the initial appraisal, which he stated will not include appeals. By doing so, the tax rate will not be revenue neutral, which is required by state law.

In 2014, the Sumner County Tax Assessor, John Isbell, and his valuations/process were taken in front of the State Board of Equalization. The state could not confirm the 2014 reappraisal was accurate, because Mr. Isbell failed to maintain adequate records. The state, nor the citizens, can access any of Mr. Isbell’s information because he uses a proprietary system, not the standard state system. This process is not transparent to citizens.

The County Commission is now discussing a four-year reappraisal cycle, instead of a five-year reappraisal cycle that Mr. Isbell has suggested and is currently utilizing. Our hope is a four-year reappraisal cycle plan would reduce the extreme swings in property evaluations. You are urged to contact your County Commissioners to request the next reappraisal cycle be shortened to four years.

The Trustee’s Office, County Executive’s Office, and the County Commission have no jurisdiction over property valuations, this is solely the authority and responsibility of the Tax Assessor, John Isbell. If you would like to appeal your appraisal please contact the Tax Assessor, John Isbell, at 615-452-2412, 615-788-0865 or Here are times you can appeal your property value in person or make an appointment to meet with the Sumner County Board of Equalization.

  • May 6th 5-7pm County Administration Bldg. Room 206
  • May 11th  1-3pm  Westmoreland Library
  • May 13th 5-7pm County Adm Bldg- Rm 206
  • May 14th 6-8pm  Portland Library
  • May 15th 5-7pm  Millersville Comm. Ctr.
  • May 20th 6-8pm  White House Library
  • May 20th 5-7pm County Adm Bldg- Rm 206
  • May 21st  6-8pm  Portland Library
  • May 23rd 6-8pm  Hendersonville Library

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