Walk Across Sumner Superhero 5k - April 6, 2019

Now that you have narrowed down your New Year’s resolutions and marked your calendars for the Walk Across Sumner Super Hero event on April 6, all of us on the Sumner County Health Committee would like to suggest a few ways for you to incorporate small, easy changes to mold your old routine into a new and healthier routine.

We know how hard it is to make massive adjustments to a crazy work schedule between picking up kids, working, and cooking dinner; therefore we have devised small steps for you so that you can create a better and healthier you. Before long, you won’t even remember your old routine.

-Reduce your intake of saturated fats by choosing lower fat or nonfat dairy options

-Take the steps instead of the elevator… can do it!

-Opt for foods with higher fiber per serving… will keep you feeling fuller longer

-Park further away from the store, you will already be inside by the time you find a closer spot anyway.

-Make sure half your plate is fruit and veggies at each meal.

-Don’t sit for such long periods of time…..stand up and stretch

-Try to exercise at least 2.5 hours every week……that’s 30 minutes a day. You can totally do this.

-Pack a healthy lunch instead of buying it….save money and cut calories

-Drink more water and less soda.

-Plan your meals in advance… will save your time, money AND calories!   Win! Win!

-Get your rest….you need at least sevenhours a night, more for children

-Stay as active as possible throughout the day.

Don’t fall into that 91 percent that does not achieve their New Year’s Resolutions, use healthy small steps to become a healthier you!  Now that you have suggestions on how to make small changes to a healthier you, put these tips to work and come join us for the Walk Across Sumner Super Hero 5K on April 6.

Submitted by the Sumner County Health Committee (via The Gallatin News).