County Budget Passes

On June 19, 2017 the Sumner County Commission passed the 2017-2018 budget, which consisted of $100,140,516.00 for the County General Fund and $271,036,003.00 for the School Fund, for a total budget of $371,176,519.00. Thanks to the County Commission for passing a conservative and fiscally responsible budget that addresses the needs for providing services to the citizens of our County. I would also like to thank the Sumner County School Board and the Elected Officials of our County for establishing a needs based budget, which conserves revenue and allows our reserve fund to continue to grow. This budget is not only balanced, but adds to the County Reserve Fund. Plus, it allocates $10 million for capital projects fund without increasing our County’s debt. This 2018 budget maintains the current property tax rate and positions our County to maintain this rate well into the future. The following is a breakdown of the County General Unassigned Fund Balance and the School Unassigned Fund Balance. Included also is a copy of the Resolution approving this year’s budget. 

County General Unassigned Fund Balance

School Unassigned Fund Balance

Resolution approving Budget