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Tips for a healthier Valentine’s Day


Every year, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest restaurant nights across the nation. Why? Because people enjoy taking their sweeties out to eat on the day notorious for showering their significant other with food, wine, desserts, bread, flowers, pasta and gifts.

Love it or hate it, Feb. 14 is considered the most romantic holiday of the year. Whether you and your better half have booked a mini-getaway to the mountains or simply called-ahead for a dinner reservation in downtown Nashville, the Sumner County Health Council has you covered on saving calories and choosing healthier alternatives on this lovey-dovey day.

Restaurant portions are often larger around certain holidays, so consider requesting a doggie bag and saving half of your portion for a later time. You and your sweetheart can even have a second Valentine’s Date in which you both eat the same dinner..…but at home with lit candles! This is so much more romantic.

We all love the amazing bread that restaurants serve before the entrees however; each of those rolls is sky high in calories, fat and carbs. Try limiting yourself to just one……maybe one and split the second, it is Valentine’s Day after all. If the restaurant offers rye or wheat bread, choose that option for a whole grain portion of bread instead of empty white flour grains.

Chocolate sales of all types increase significantly right before the holiday of love. We know that it is hard to resist all the adorably wrapped truffle Teddy Bears or the white chocolate shaped roses. There are other ways to get that sugar fix without buying the entire Valentine’s Day candy aisle at the store. Try ordering a fruit basket and wrap adorable little sayings on each piece of fruit, “you are the apple of my eye” or “orange you so sweet.”

You could also bake a low-fat dessert with your honey bunny to avoid all those extra empty dessert calories. Flowers are also a great alternative to chocolate along with a healthy cookbook or a massage/spa gift certificate.

In preparation for the Walk Across Sumner Superhero 5K, the Sumner County Health Council wants you at your peak performance and for you and your significant other to be the best you that you can possibly be! So eat those strawberries and whipped cream instead of those heart-shaped, chocolate covered peanut butter candies and remember to continue making healthier choices in order to become a better you…….because the Sumner County Health Council knows you are “berry” special! 

Submitted by the Sumner County Health Committee via The Gallatin News