Walk Across Sumner - Fitness on a Budget

Walk across Sumner - Fitness on a budget

For those of you who treated yourselves to all that yummy Valentine’s chocolate and pasta, you may be wondering how to get those extra calories off.  We are all still strapped for cash after the lovey-dovey, honey-bunny day and from the holiday season in general, so it is a no-brainer as to why the majority of people choose not to join a gym or cannot afford the membership fees, thus prolonging accomplishing those New Year’s Resolutions. So how can someone exercise and get in shape without frequenting a gym? The Sumner County Health Council has some SUPER exercises for you and your family to do together or individually so that you can save money on those high gym fees.

If you wanted a few pieces of equipment just to begin, start off with an exercise ball (sometimes called a Swiss Ball) that you can purchase at any supercenter or athletic outfitter. They are affordable and can be used for anything from abdominal work to elevated pushups. A step is also inexpensive and can be used for cardio as well as lower body workouts. If you prefer to purchase a single set of dumbbells, you can easily pair them with the Swiss Ball or the step to make your home exercises a multi-muscle, full body workout. Home exercises videos, workouts from Youtube, and apps for your phone are available for all levels that include all types of activities to make your physical activity session easier for you and your family.

These are perfect for indoor workouts regardless of the weather outside. You can always walk at the local mall or superstore to get your cardio in; weather permitting, take a trip outside and push yourself up those hills for the maximum lower body workout. If you have a staircase at home, take a couple extra trips up and down those steps, this is an incredible full body exercise and you burn more calories than regular walking. Pick up that milk jug and do squats or use soup cans and do curls, there are a plethora of ways and objects you can use to get a good exercise session in without stepping foot inside a gym. Whether you are doing body weight exercises (planks, push-ups, sit-ups, squats….etc.) you are still burning calories and toning up! Remember, The Sumner County Health Council wants you in SUPER condition for the Superhero 5k April 6!

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Submitted by the Sumner County Health Council via The Gallatin New