Walk Across Sumner - Set Your Goals...

Set your goals, stick to them and get active

We all know how hectic and crazy life can be trying to balance family, work, cooking meals, exercising, drinking enough water, taking care of the dogs, returning in-laws phone calls, and getting enough sleep.

No matter your personal routine, we can all agree that it is a struggle to find enough time and energy in the day to complete it all successfully. The first aspect we typically put off is exercising….other than returning the in-laws phone messages of course.

Once we prolong getting our recommended physical activity, we continue to prolong it and eventually suffer from what is known as a lack of motivation. The Sumner County Health Council is SUPER excited to share some methods with you so that you can keep your motivation revved up in order to participate in the Walk Across Sumner SuperHero 5k and Fun Mile on April 6.

You can’t be a perfectionist here

You will slip up…for sure. You will make mistakes, you are human after all. Don’t let one tiny faux pas ruin your whole day, routine or motivation. Pick yourself back up and keep going. Adapt and overcome, so that you can be the Superhero you were meant to be. 

Set realistic goals and expectations

No, you will not be able to wake up tomorrow and run a full marathon. Yes, you can do a little bit each and every day to work up to running a long distance. No, you will not lose 30 pounds overnight. Yes, you can lose 30 pounds in a few months by choosing healthier foods and increasing physical activity. Be real here. If you are not realistic, you are more likely to throw in the towel and cease all progress.

Do what you enjoy

It is almost impossible to stay motivated if you are doing something you absolutely despise. Choose food and exercise you enjoy doing. If you like to dance, there are a gazillion dance classes to pick from. If you enjoy bicycling, pedal away on Sumner County’s greenways. Do what you love and love what you do….you will keep your motivation.

Reward yourself for your progress

-This does not mean buying three large pizzas and a chocolate cake and eating every last crumb. This means treating yourself to small bonuses for accomplishing a certain goal. If you have a goal of running a mile in under eight minutes and you finally reached it, treat yourself to a massage or buy a new book. It’s the little things that keep us motivated and wanting to pursue our goals.

Buddy system

The buddy system can do wonders for motivation. Humans are naturally competitive and we perform at a higher level when we have someone with us. Use a workout buddy to up your gains or walk with a friend and chat about your day…’ll get your exercise in, it makes the time pass quicker, and having an exercise buddy will hold you accountable for your physical activity actions.

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Submitted by the Sumner County Health Council via The Gallatin News