Sumner County Approved as Adventure Tourism District

Sumner County is proud to announce the county has been approved for a designated Adventure Tourism District. The Tennessee Adventure Tourism & Rural Development Act of 2011 was created to promote job growth. The Adventure Tourism District certification is effective July 1, 2015 and is valid for a period of three years. Upon expiration of the three year period, the county must submit a new application for certification.

Sumner County’s Adventure Tourism District contains parcels located in Hendersonville, Gallatin, Goodlettsville, Millersville, Portland, White House, Westmoreland and parcels located in unincorporated Sumner County. The parcels included in the District are highlighted in purple on the District Map. Sumner County’s Adventure Tourism Business Plan lists activities that offer economic development opportunities. Sumner County is excited to receive the certification for the designated Adventure Tourism District. This approval will be an incentive to attract business investment and provides an opportunity for job creation in Sumner County.

The Adventure Tourism District designation will allow qualified businesses that locate within the district to earn a jobs tax credit to offset a portion of the business’ Tennessee franchise and excise tax liability. Qualified businesses may include restaurants, hotels, or other tourist related attractions. The qualified business must make a capital investment of at least $500,000, and create the required number of full-time jobs with minimum health care benefits under T.C.A. §67-4-2109. Businesses located within Tier 1 counties must create 25 jobs in order to qualify.

A business can apply for the credit through the Department of Revenue after the community they are in has been awarded Adventure Tourism District status. The business must file a business plan with the state; the form is available online through the Department of Revenue. The business can begin taking the credit once the number of jobs and investment required to qualify has been met within the investment period as specified in the business plan. There is no “deadline” to apply to the Department of Revenue, but the business application must be filed prior to taking the credit. The business investment period during which the investment must be made and jobs created cannot exceed thirty-six months. Each business should consult with the Department of Revenue regarding the specific timing of their investment/job creation as it relates to their business plan. Businesses can contact the Department of Revenue for questions, Randy Hilliard at 615-532-6912 or Karyn Hill at 615-741-9445.