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Proposed Revisions to County Flood Damage Prevention Regulations

New Permitting and Inspections Guidelines For Fuel Gas
Effective Date: 06/01/20

On June 1st 2020 the Sumner County Building & Codes will be performing plan review, issuing fuel gas permits and performing the necessary inspections in that portion of the county serviced by Gallatin Utilities. Previously these services was provided by Gallatin Utilities. The applicant will need to provide a floor plan with square footage, the total BTUs and a schematic of the proposed gas piping installation when applying for a building permit. The fuel gas permit fee has been established at 10 cents a square under roof.

The Sumner County Building and Codes Department is committed to ensure that a high quality of construction is maintained for the safety and well-being of our citizens. The Building and Codes Department ensures compliance with all applicable building codes adopted by the County’s Governing Body. This is primarily accomplished through a plan review, permitting and inspections process. The Building and Codes Department is also charged with Floodplain Management, Property Maintenance violations as well as Environmental permitting for septic tank systems.

Marshall Wright, Director

Debi Smith, Executive Assistant

Terry Haynes, Deputy Building Official

Lisa Richardson, Administrative Assistant to the Environmental Office 

David Manning, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector

Billy Geminden, Building Inspector

Todd Hubbard, Property Maintenance Inspector


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