Register of Deeds

Sumner County is the eighth largest county in Tennessee.  Our area of Middle Tennessee is rich in history.  Our population exceeds 160,000. The Register of Deeds Office has 8 employees and the register.  We are in an elected office with a four-year term.

In a typical fiscal year we record in excess of 30,000 legal documents.  The register's office collects state conveyance tax and state mortgage tax along with recording fees.  The state taxes are remitted to the TN Dept of Revenue monthly.  The recording fees and commissions are also remitted to Sumner County on a monthly basis.  The fees remitted to the Sumner County General Fund are in excess of the budget requests for the Register of Deeds.

The Sumner County Register's Office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.  The documents are digitized during the recording process.  Once the document is saved on our database it can be viewed via the internet.  Our records are certified back to September 1989 and can be searched at  

The Register and the staff have worked diligently digitizing all Deed Books and Indexes dating back to 1786.  This lengthy process is now complete.

Each member of the register's team must be well equipped to record over eighty different types of legal documents according to the Tennessee Code Annotated section on recording law.  The recording process is very detailed and a high level of accuracy and skill has been achieved.

We are pleased that we now have the ability to e-record.  Our ability to provide e-recording has bolstered our commitment to our constituents by providing them the latest technology and streamlining their current recording process.  E-recording is a fast, secure and cost-saving solution that will significantly reduce the time required to receive, record and return documents to the public in a very short time.  There are two companies that are available to submitters: Simplifile, Inc. and Corporation Services Company at

It is our goal to serve the needs of the public.  Feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance to you.

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